Texas Moon

naked sex cults at buffalo bayou
February 23, 2009, 4:50 pm
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utledHello out there. Well i hear gofer kids that are

really dumpster cats out there. I guess there

playing naked kick ball. I did not know

mexicans allowed there kids at  9452 kempwood to walk out side in

the raw.  I guess its ok cause the cats like to look at naked bodies.

No i just made that up.  O catpaw saw this flat chested lady at stans

place at 6678 hill croft today. As usual stan was spewing out bull

shit stories .  U know that lady at that office needed to unzip the

pants and pull out the dong.  And put her mouth on it and start

sucking.  Yes that hole class would had been watching .  Yes it cost

lots of dinero to look at the pecker in thy pants.

Well terry u will find out one of these days the size of my pecker.

Yea i know what time it is.  Its time to see the news casters near

gessner and 59 in the raw. Not all of them just one.  The one that

has big tits, your ratings would be the shy the limit.  Thats what u

want is viewer ship.  Dont tell me that conservitive station is liberal

now .  Showing that lady from the waste and half naked. Well they

do that at a willie nelson concert and its beer time . Yea one of

these days u will know what i look like in the nude , terry.

Ill be horny as hell. Then i guess u will take off your shirt and

pants.  You must look dam good.  With the big tits u have.

Yea i know u fucked  that jonnie and may be cw.  They may be

did not use a rubber.  If u are on the pill or cant get pg .  That dick

will cum in the jussy so many times.  And u can suck it.  Ill put it

in your but hole and between your tits. Of course i know u like

white meat.  Catghost will be like rambo drilling a well. All the way

deep in side u.  Ter are u going to put that juce all over my dick and

balls ?

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