Texas Moon

naked sec guards in houston
February 23, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Yea there is naked guards all over the place.

nakebaur In fact there is one near here . She needs a

spanking . I gofer can do the honors.   Since

ter backed in to the tank or car .  Ter owes me

some thing. O its not mioney no way. Just come over some time.

I got two moneys that live here and some german shepards. Plus

this lady from 93.7 the arrow. Thats right she sounds like a ferry .

O its all made up.  Except a knock on the door. Yea u ter are about

5.7 or so feet tall, have black skin and ant fat. Plus big tits.  I seen u

show  to that guard checker jonnie at west road once.  That means

u been sex out with  him . Who cares.  Long as u is clean and tight.

Yea i imagine after close doooor and luuumk it. U goin to undo

your shirt and pants. And take em off.  Dont know if u be wearing

panties or not.  O yea u going to take off yo bra .  Ye i want to

feel yo tits. And finger the pussy.  El couch is kinda rough. Well

i need a skin on when i penetrate yur pussy. Its going in all the way.

One way is u sit on my dick all the way .  Bet its going to be jucy.

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