Texas Moon

the kempwood sex pot cult
February 21, 2009, 11:00 pm
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cumk    Well i tryed.  Yea if Sharon was here i would just want a hour or so thats all.  So i could put my dick in that small pussy and cum.  Then get a suck job. O and then

she would have to find the bus.  But really ill have to have lots of cum stored. When that black lady or so gets here .  She may want me to lick her pussy for get that. Put in my dick between her tits and cumming  and her sucking my dick ok .

Like i said i never done a  colored lady in a long time.  They cant smell and no tight pussy. No fat no way .  Have to get in the mood also.  I dont know.  Yea i got a well sotra big dick i guess.   Yes i m taking about body parts when its 1215 in the moring.  If some one knocks on the window im not answering it or the door. 

I mean some one like that lady from knoxcity ….. that was a good fuck lay intercourse.  That one in the woodlands no she is grose fat the head she gave me …. O there is that fat lady that is in or was in bastrop. on the ground, in her car. Her car was better.  Those big black tits she had, and puttin my dick in that jucy  pussy.

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