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kempwood monsters 1972
February 5, 2009, 4:48 am
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birdHello out there thanks for giving gfarce a piece

of chinga paper. U remember that high school

diplma  WW Emmons gave catfis

 may 29 1072. Well i actually can wipe with is that dam worth less

thing. Gofer dont do that. Just try to get a job with that u got to

compet with scum bags, high school flunkies,mexs,

wetherledos.  Why not tell the truth about things. Any way enough

is enough on that.  The only jobs u can get with that is security. fast

food,warehouse,general labor. Real low pay jobs.  Security guard

work is a dead end. Just take that guard card test and bring the

results to a company.  O get those rent uniforms and the sched.

O just stand at a store. Sit in a car, use a time clock,Constantly

walk in a mall,check foks in and out,write a retarted report.

It dont take no kind of a skill to do that. O these companies give u

all kinds of bull shit your spossed to follow – thats just to brain wash

u.  And here come the guard checkers they think there mighty when

there peons.  Then there is fast food that dont pay nothing and there

is beinfits but u are p0or.  Warehouse work – drive a tow motor –

move things from a to b  the same thing over and over again.

Sweep the floor, take the crap out and empty it in the dumster.

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