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DO t.o and husband play doctor sex
February 2, 2009, 6:53 pm
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Well what a adventure that would be.  Terr and her hus go to a room some where and have group sex thats right.  Some one never done that before.  But i the catdog want to see some suzi and dave have sex.  Then dave for the first time could see my naked dick.

Just go to craig lis and find out.  Thats right do preverted things with u suzi. U and your friend lucy that has big hoots, dildo time and where is that dog ?. Or have 10 mexicans have sex with u at once.

YEP ee i gofer can wite rated things on here. So what @! I dont know who reads this . May there in Spring Branch and know where the swingers are. Just get some ever clear and wine from the store that mexican place near bingle no its wirt road and have a sex party.

There ages should be above 35. Yea there is places on the net i dont know of any.

Looks like that cop right accross from SB Elementary  was inkoots with the bingo place.  Thats where rilies used to be a long time ago.

Well get old bg over here i know she likes to cum and suck and fuk. Probaly front and back. Yep that lady in Clute i amigine would like a big dong in that small thing of hers. WHO knows.

Dam that Walt and JHONSON show today was talking about hooters and getin it on and othere things. How can mad cow on 950 keep his marrige and have extra ? That must be nice. I mean Eric Muller.

Used to be on k101 get your lazy asses up  that moby said. THat was in the morning. Yea i got a relgood memory.  And then at eastman whip stock geting so pie eyed once i could not find out how to get out of the bath room.  Those were the days back then. Cant get em back though. Thats the problem.

Well as u get older and things u want some one around. Thats right. A friend  a female.  A lover or some one that cares u can trust.

All this hoop la about sex and things well catf made up.  Yea some one is readin it.

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