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The same old thing
December 12, 2008, 8:03 pm
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Find that crap on those logs and put it on. Except those warmups and 2 fink sweaters.  Its going to be warm tommorrow.

O u said no to the bail out 15 billion for GMC then o got to give them money for there sink hole the auto makers made .  Stop ving money out.  Let the free market do what ist suppost to do.  U know Russia bailed out some .

Hells bells.  The same old crap over there.  By that access road and hear the crapers go by.   Need to put all that chinga in that plastic del and put it back in the cave.

Seems like i the great black man catfish that voted for Lord Barock Obama is sick and tired . No really seems like there brain is thinking out loud on here. Im sorry if bg,sharon,terry is not here. BG is a fat grose pig. Sharon is that spider and terry either is black or a snob  with a high fluting UT collge degree .

kempwood mexcan guard
December 12, 2008, 3:36 pm
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It seems to gofer the news will spread about that security guard at 9540 kempwood.  What goes around comes back. Yes it will.  There is no reason for acting like a ass hole.

Hells bells i the gofer could do that lazy ass right down plate numbers and not let no one in unless there mexcan wet back. 

Well there is a way just drive in and sleep in the road, fuck that bull shit mex guard Some gang or some thing made grifetti on a wall some time in the past.

And then there is this freak in 114 that puts a sweater on a chair out side for dumpster cats cause its cold .    There is a good meal some one can feed those cats ist special then no more of those nasty things there.

Any way some one is or was sitll not happy with tcs.  Just to to UPS or some where .  That gettin box out of trailers is noting compaired to gettin plastic containers out.

Better get that super giant camera that is 50 feet tall and get energy for it and get pan cakes  and water.  Drinking cokes all the time is no good.

December 12, 2008, 11:36 am
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Now they got a jackass guard in front.  They sure do.  What if u live at that hell place for a long time , and get back from the night shift. And u want get in a hurry to sleep.  U stay right near the guard crap house and say u live there . What does that ass hole do ? FUkn point to the gate and say open it . Kinda gettin poed > Then that jackass guard says calm down then i will .

Hell on no calm down for a jack ass wet back security guard that shoul no how to act.