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screw ALASKA
December 11, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Even though it is a huge state. Our Texas our Texas is the best.  Alaska dont count.  We have Fort Hood,Oil, matagorda,Austin. But Alaska has Payland. Yea the GOV. of Alaska to me she sounds kinda like President Regan.  Well Obama has been saying some things during the election of what he said.

2 terms as President Regan was great. For the econ and built up the milit. , and was a anti Communist. There wont be another like him.  He had oraa about him a glow of positive energy. So did lucy girl i met at this conogo gas station and her friend. But i never did have sex with lucy. Lucy was or is the best friend of Suzzy. 

I just figure if i ever had sex with lucy she would tell me things. Her and Dave and the rest.   May be jc indented me to wait for the right one.

Im am plenty tired.  I have to to take it slow.  Only JC KNOWS. U know that is my lord and savor.  After all the things i done ill still go to that peaceful place .

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