Texas Moon

Frozen 19405 hwy 249 ja guard checkers
December 11, 2008, 11:34 am
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Hey u sobs.  Why go out there and act like u are gods gift to guard checking.

Uant bull shitting gofer i know your games.  Freeze thy funi ass off and u try to catch thy sleeping .  How in the fuk is to sleep when its 29 degrees out side.

Thy needs a wool hat thats right.  Thy had to pee where ever.  What u goint to do this time play your retarted game again.   What thy needs is a el terry to get thy hard one hot and in side the  black barn.

Thy got back and got lettle pizza and snopps then had to get up with 230 hours sleep and pp.

Yes thats not enough bed time. Gofer knows that.  Terry the cat can get in the sleeping bag and be involoped woth tad poles .  Thats right .

All whats on here is just a dream from 1972 .  Any way there is a top secret cave under barton springs i live in.  The gov constructed it for thy and 3 female wolfs.

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