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News as i see it
December 11, 2008, 7:06 pm
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14donkeys1 O its bail out time, OUR







Devil Hounds at 9540
December 11, 2008, 6:44 pm
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Well those deviles was strunging gutars and

yelling mexican crap probable dumpster songs.

They did not bother great gofer. GG already

had that snopps and sank and sank.  Finally woke

up from the depts of darkness.  Here these fin

mexcans go singing muslam hate songs against 

roaches and now they stoped.  Its good to know

the day has been wasted sleeping on broken

glass. O well now its 1 am.  Cold in side that cave 

on four wheels, with ice on the outside or frost.

On the radio the last song is being played  by the

beatle monsters.

screw ALASKA
December 11, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Even though it is a huge state. Our Texas our Texas is the best.  Alaska dont count.  We have Fort Hood,Oil, matagorda,Austin. But Alaska has Payland. Yea the GOV. of Alaska to me she sounds kinda like President Regan.  Well Obama has been saying some things during the election of what he said.

2 terms as President Regan was great. For the econ and built up the milit. , and was a anti Communist. There wont be another like him.  He had oraa about him a glow of positive energy. So did lucy girl i met at this conogo gas station and her friend. But i never did have sex with lucy. Lucy was or is the best friend of Suzzy. 

I just figure if i ever had sex with lucy she would tell me things. Her and Dave and the rest.   May be jc indented me to wait for the right one.

Im am plenty tired.  I have to to take it slow.  Only JC KNOWS. U know that is my lord and savor.  After all the things i done ill still go to that peaceful place .

I tell u what
December 11, 2008, 12:34 pm
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This peppermint schnapps. Well i figured out its 

german word. Any way. Drink the rest of it and

sleep. It will creep in . Just put it in the freezer 

till the out side it ice cold. It will fermint and get

stronger.  Im sorry the hole world seems to be

anti these days. But the deal is watch the movie

HIGH NOON . Till it sinks in.  OR watch the Alamo

with John Wayne. Witch has messages in it.

SO u thing the USA is doomed and going to hell.

Well we been to that door before and  came back

stronger .

Holy God OBAMA
December 11, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Yea im afraid your Lord OBAMA is n the thick of that scandal and the demos want to cover it up.   But still if u are against that bullshit Obama and the weirdo democrats u are a racist a hater.  Well any way yall voted to have hope and change.   Now the revailing of change for communist to take control. U know how much those bail outs are costing ?  O YEA give GM some more money and its going to a skink hole .

Those ass hole demos try to take out right to bear arms and there will be hell to pay.

I ll put more about the Trans Texas Corridor and the NORTH AMERICAN UNION later on here.

Frozen 19405 hwy 249 ja guard checkers
December 11, 2008, 11:34 am
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Hey u sobs.  Why go out there and act like u are gods gift to guard checking.

Uant bull shitting gofer i know your games.  Freeze thy funi ass off and u try to catch thy sleeping .  How in the fuk is to sleep when its 29 degrees out side.

Thy needs a wool hat thats right.  Thy had to pee where ever.  What u goint to do this time play your retarted game again.   What thy needs is a el terry to get thy hard one hot and in side the  black barn.

Thy got back and got lettle pizza and snopps then had to get up with 230 hours sleep and pp.

Yes thats not enough bed time. Gofer knows that.  Terry the cat can get in the sleeping bag and be involoped woth tad poles .  Thats right .

All whats on here is just a dream from 1972 .  Any way there is a top secret cave under barton springs i live in.  The gov constructed it for thy and 3 female wolfs.