Texas Moon

December 10, 2008, 7:14 pm
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Hello all u naked folks out there ? Is barton springs cold enough? How about running the track at bear creek park in the nude.

Well i saw a ostrage that was pacing the fence .  How about lettin sharon lay down and get pecked. That strange bird has a long neck and i bet real strong there.  I bet it be great to see her in the nude again /./.  All that fat and small tits.  Dont know where that picture is taken at may be blue lite cemetory.

Last time i heard there was a giant black man that was not all here working there.  And there is a blue lite that shines.  And it is near jones road some where.  But that was back in 1972.

Whats with this cemetory near gulf bank . Some one went by there and strange lites were comming off those graves. Ant it a all colored cemetory.

Well once many years ago some one took a hike at the brenham cemetorey behind BLINN COLLEGE . Dont do that. U go out there and hear some thing commin to u in the bushes. When its real dark out side. Find a rock to thour at it and run out of that place.

And again go to find the ghost lite at bragg road . Its near Saratoga.  There is a sandy road that goes out in the country and looks kinda strange dont get stuck out there.  And there is a road that goes to kounsue.  I been there its real dark out side no lites.  Well there is a old rr track and some old house out there.  Stop on the side of the road bring a spot lite. Be brave. Shine the lite at the woods and then at the strange signal . Nothin is at the signal no one its just there. It may be static electrct from the air and the swamp gas.

Then there is this lite that shines on a spot on a fm road . It looks like a star is on the road. I did not stop to take a closer look . It was a gut feeling.

Well then there is this thing in the sky.  I parked once on the side of the road to see the stars.  I saw a v shaped star formation. It was just out there not moving.

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