Texas Moon

December 10, 2008, 7:14 pm
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Hello all u naked folks out there ? Is barton springs cold enough? How about running the track at bear creek park in the nude.

Well i saw a ostrage that was pacing the fence .  How about lettin sharon lay down and get pecked. That strange bird has a long neck and i bet real strong there.  I bet it be great to see her in the nude again /./.  All that fat and small tits.  Dont know where that picture is taken at may be blue lite cemetory.

Last time i heard there was a giant black man that was not all here working there.  And there is a blue lite that shines.  And it is near jones road some where.  But that was back in 1972.

Whats with this cemetory near gulf bank . Some one went by there and strange lites were comming off those graves. Ant it a all colored cemetory.

Well once many years ago some one took a hike at the brenham cemetorey behind BLINN COLLEGE . Dont do that. U go out there and hear some thing commin to u in the bushes. When its real dark out side. Find a rock to thour at it and run out of that place.

And again go to find the ghost lite at bragg road . Its near Saratoga.  There is a sandy road that goes out in the country and looks kinda strange dont get stuck out there.  And there is a road that goes to kounsue.  I been there its real dark out side no lites.  Well there is a old rr track and some old house out there.  Stop on the side of the road bring a spot lite. Be brave. Shine the lite at the woods and then at the strange signal . Nothin is at the signal no one its just there. It may be static electrct from the air and the swamp gas.

Then there is this lite that shines on a spot on a fm road . It looks like a star is on the road. I did not stop to take a closer look . It was a gut feeling.

Well then there is this thing in the sky.  I parked once on the side of the road to see the stars.  I saw a v shaped star formation. It was just out there not moving.

naked skin gessner
December 10, 2008, 4:34 pm
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gruntHello out there in hell thats

frozen.  Thats right hows the clown secutiry guards at

the place near perry on hwy 249.

Are u freezing need antifreese.  How about a dick to please

thats right. A human dick. The one thats sleepingh

need attention.  Well any way good nite russia.

going to the country
December 10, 2008, 3:26 am
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This dont have no pictures with it.  Just suppose u see hwy 290, then hwy 6.  Get on your hand s and knees and go to college station.  Are u happy now since u are at aggie land? Wait get back on hwy 6 and go to Waco. Go relax in lake waco naked they dont care. But the water is too cold.  Dont go there naked.

those morons near perry road
December 10, 2008, 3:19 am
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Well i bet right now they could be sleeping or walking aroud there car in a daze. Who cares.  It dont take a dead fish to be a security guard.  Stan Shepard just bull shits and gets your money .  U dont relaize its not a dead end job.  But any way are those clown guards at those apt that are being made really motivated in doing nothing,

O the security guards use lots of energy writting a report.  Observe and report.   I bet u those who are sitin in there car are cold of course they are,