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White oak not clean bayou
December 7, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Hey all u folks that dont have a job .  Here is anothere place to take a bath and bed down .  Well ( i need wiskey ) said one place is under hwy 59 bridge .  This one is better .  Since if u dont serve the muslams u will get shot or put in prision or some thing – so says OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA. 

Well that ass wipe did not show up till one min after today. Some one was not too happy.  Any way  disregurd what gofer said about that Terry that went to UT, and Sharon the spider, and that lady in the woodlands thats 5.7 feet tall and 230 pounds.  O yes there is bg that used to live on spring valley.

Any way white oak bayou smells like rotten eggs.  Dont u know water from lake houston goes there.   Might as well feed dumpser cats like the fat mexican at apt 144 (9540 kempwood ) does . O yes he wistles to them. That fat ass is a freak of nature.  Go feed those nasty cats at that bayou u dont care if they have rabies.  

Yea white oak bayou is the one that floods when there is a heavy rain.

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