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sex cults at kempwood
December 6, 2008, 6:37 pm
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Well boxo noticed those funking cameras ant worth a fuck.  Or they are in coots with who ever put grofettri on those walls out side.   Those ass wipe guards are supposed to be at the fukoimn gate in stood of sleeping . 

There is a fat mexifan lady that says she is making 11 a hour o sure she is .  They  pay those guards llike  6.90 or 7 a hour.  Hells bells.

O who is goint to be at that  waste of time sit and shit place . Terry big tits or a elephant.   Yea i know that she is married and doing a little side action with the guard checker.  Who cares .

Well this time if that sex circle is out side ill open the cave. And let that mexcan lady in.   She needs to see the dong and hold it .  Do any thing to please the cum.  That hot juce from the dong in the pussy . Wich is tight/

O there is this black lady thats got big tits at the market near kemp and gess. Could do a rambo with that.  Its not catfish thats putting this on here.

Gofer found a copy on a disk from 1972 thats right. When bg and Terry  were having sex.  I could not believe it the principals daughter and a high school drop out  gettin it on. Thats right the did that in front of the hole slow english class.  They was both naked in  front of the hole foot ball team  at Spring Woods High School  in 1972.   

Dont pay no attention to whats on here its all lies. Tell the brown shirts and they will hunt for me.  This sex cult is taking me away.

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