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December 4, 2008, 12:20 pm
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Why biil out GMC, Ford its all about the union and the democrats they supported. How much more money the gov is bail out who knows. I keed to be bailed out to just give me 20 mill ill be happy but im not paying u back.

U know its cold out side. SEEMS like there is retarted that works for twin city security. It dont take no brains to be the so called capt. i goat head could do that. Who the fuck wants to u are just a pawn a moron. There is folks quiting that fucking place u ask for hours and they fuck u like 35 hrs and min wage. Don tquit less u get another job. There is link staffing but if they dont have (2) 15 min breaks fuck that.

Goat head worked at this chem ware house and u had to have breaks thats a safety madder. And wear thoss steel toe shoes, safety glasses . That was work there no pussy futting sittin doning nothin.

And as far as them taking away guns the democrats want. Just try it u will regreat it.

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