Texas Moon

1972 at spring woods high school
December 4, 2008, 7:06 pm
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Hells bells i was going to do some apps but it needs to be in the morning like 3 i can do.  Starting with the closest.   I tryed to stay awake but the battery is kinda week.   Im so sorry Terry,Alice,Gary,and BARBARA reunion is  a spy deal.  My left hand is bothering.  Just lay down whit these female cats from the dumpster is such a good idea. 
I have to let my babies in i feed them on the porch at 9540 kempwood . Please dont scare me. Im just a fat ass mexican that has heart problems and i feed cats from the dumpster its so normal to do that.    

thes mexican naked cult
December 4, 2008, 6:54 pm
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 Yea these mexicans made me put this deal on here.  Thats right i was fixing to go to sleep with a female wolf really.  Well where is that Terry that used to live down gessner to guestine.

In 1972 i guess i did the dirty thats right. I saw ART BELL talk to a UFO.    Well i lied i talk to one my self out in the desert.  Are they finished over there making racket so i cow gofer can take a nap.  Why is there lots of funing cars on 249 in the funing morning.  Dont u know i need my beauty rest.  Hells bells i get irritated when gofer loosed sleep.  Where is Pam that lives near Diboll ? I bet she knows how to get thy dong hot and bothered.

Please dont put rated viedos on utube. Cause they dont wont preverts to get ideas.  ILL do that any way so says the sex cult near campbell and kempwood.

the window
December 4, 2008, 4:33 pm
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  Hello yes the window protects the virgin catfoger from things. Especally married fat mexican ladies, thats right . That window has been there ever since preshistric times . Its seem fowcow fuck a fat lady, eat at the y .

Yea i know that its 6 now . But soon it will be 1972 thats right go back in time .  Where is that bg ?  They used not to be kinda fat firm tits and big.

9540 kempwood
December 4, 2008, 4:21 pm
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I hear them monster mexians out side oop and hollaring at what i dont know. And then i hear that fat ass mexcan at 114 wistle at dumpster cats o yea he does.  That fat mexican is n another universe.

Well any how why have avators on here?  That jack ass secutiry company want u to sit out side all nithe and freeze your ass off.  For little as they can pay u when there making 20 a hour on each moron guard. U sure and learning how to do nothing .  Well u can learn java script and java on the comp but u still need a certificate or a degree.  O here is a good job for u = cleaning out dumpsters.

Are now on channel 13 they still gloating about our holy god obama ? I bet any thing they are/

Yea up stairs u aut to see that in side that chinga hole it looks grose dirty as hell.   Hear the weird os out side saying i dont know what.

the news as catgofer sees it
December 4, 2008, 12:20 pm
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Why biil out GMC, Ford its all about the union and the democrats they supported. How much more money the gov is bail out who knows. I keed to be bailed out to just give me 20 mill ill be happy but im not paying u back.

U know its cold out side. SEEMS like there is retarted that works for twin city security. It dont take no brains to be the so called capt. i goat head could do that. Who the fuck wants to u are just a pawn a moron. There is folks quiting that fucking place u ask for hours and they fuck u like 35 hrs and min wage. Don tquit less u get another job. There is link staffing but if they dont have (2) 15 min breaks fuck that.

Goat head worked at this chem ware house and u had to have breaks thats a safety madder. And wear thoss steel toe shoes, safety glasses . That was work there no pussy futting sittin doning nothin.

And as far as them taking away guns the democrats want. Just try it u will regreat it.

December 4, 2008, 11:11 am
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Last nite that funk thing was to deliver some crap. And it was funkin cold out side. Did not have enouth clost on. That wool blaket want enouth. Could had snoosed but that giant truck from outer space was on the ground.

Then i got back to barton springs and tryed to sleep at jester center. These folks always was knocking on the door want to see that tube stake .  Ill tel the real truth later on. That one is made up.