Texas Moon

December 1, 2008, 8:26 pm
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Meeting on tagged,fun nation or any of the rest of em takes balls of steel. U got to be carful.  Suppose sone one from Pasadena wants to meet u.  U better ask em whats in store . What they want before they get there. 

And then dont call some one if they say there married. U dont know what there game is.

U know that city twin security now wants mexicans to work there. Yea many just quit.  O during the hoildays there is hours to work . But they have 31 to work after wards at those stinking construction places.  Its so easy to have rest time.  They dont pay worth a shit.  GO get a pt job or anothere one.

O just do the reports for a long time see where that gets u .  It will lead u to poverty  and they dont care.

Dam yea met some on all right . One from Knoxcity was good. The black one in bastrop had a jucy pussy and big tits.

lots of problemos
December 1, 2008, 5:20 pm
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Dont care what month it is – all there is is dejection,rejection. Saying the rong things,learing from mistakes.

Here is a good idea if some one ant in a good way just cut off the weiner, dont talk to so and so , put my head in the sand. go hide some where.

There needs a lotss of dishes to wash but gofer is to fukin tired. Let me drink that snopps and rest.

CUM Tube stake
December 1, 2008, 2:52 pm
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Now there is some one thats well black and semi good looking thats well not in good favor of gofer.  Gofer said this someone from Pasadena did so and so. And come to find out it was a come on game.

So what do u do ? there is some snopps to drink, get in the shower and hose with hot water the pecker till it tingles and have that juce cum out . No way  thats homo sex. Unless a man want to take a chance.  I need 400 billion to bail me out first. Please help me democrats .  So where is barbara that fat pig on hammerly. Gofer can drill and grind till the dick swells up  and still more with that thing. Turn her over and put it in her but, she can get real nasty and suck and fuck for 12 hours. Drain the dick entirly and want more frog sperm . 

Where is all those horny men that want to bend over. Ill put the wild goose there.  Strange as it may seem i think homos are reading this

Clute, Texas some one there
December 1, 2008, 2:40 pm
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Hello i met some lady at the Texas City Dike once. That was before the hurrican.  Well she is a cook. Kinda looks old wit gray hair.  Im not devoluging who she is. But any way .