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o guardie o
November 20, 2008, 7:46 pm
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11Yes the guard of the great place where the mexicans lift and hammer things. Its near perry on 249. Its really tough out there takes all sorts of skill to obserce and report.  No it dont just sit in that cat or tank or the cement.

And piss where ever u want to .  Its kinda dark so u can sleep. Its 7 hours or wasted time.  Bring a tv if u want to who cares. hELLS BELLS IF U dont like doing that find anothere thing to do monday .  Take back that crap they gave u to rent.

Yes at that banta place on west by north west .  DO u want to know they get u in to these groups before u start. No first its the call then they u get a picture taken then a nake tag.  12 hours is a long time to be on your feet. Doin that assembly crap .  The speling on here is wonederful . Keep it up security guards really get some whaere making reports for 20 years. Please guard checkers act like u are some one special a real tough clown thats  u are really nothing.

monsteres galore
November 20, 2008, 5:32 pm
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 Thats what happens when u are a slave for12 fin years.

Job looking /././
November 20, 2008, 6:44 am
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Really right now i dont think its a good idea. Ever one wants to get off early or some thing.  Eat that good food and may be brandy.

There is this moron that says call me each fin day .  When they got 30 fin hours for all or phone games.

Blukey knows that game.  O its such a nice day near the statue of liberty on kemp street. All the mexicans hop and hollar. Drink that beer. Go out side and there is bend over billy.