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November 18, 2008, 5:12 pm
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You just like to have sex with cows
My evil seminar from hell was actually fun today! I guess a benefit of csem is it’s quite the bonding experience. We’ve all become grand friends and class is very entertaining. I don’t know what Darby Scott, our aged classics prof, thinks of us, but I’m thoroughly amused.

Darby Scott: In this paper you will be looking at the twelve Caesars as a composition. In Ancient Rome people would have sat down and read the whole thing, not as separate biographies.
Me: So it’s kind of like Harry Potter?
Everyone else: WTF?
Me: Does anyone see that?
Sarah: You go tell Meryl Streep that.
Me: I will.

Today we talked about Nero, who was a sick motherfucker. Really. Heinous bastard. His biography was fun to read. The sexual stuff he did was really, really bizarre. He got A+ points for creativity.

“I understand, it’s just because you like to have sex with cows, you’re doing all this other bad stuff to cover up for that.

We also discussed how Nero was more of an actor than an emperor.

Nadia: He had his farewell tour around Greece.
Me: Like Cher!

I’m sick. I think the cold medicine is going to my head.Current Mood:

Please understan there tail is in the way.

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