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!Houston! what they think about it
November 16, 2008, 9:07 pm
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Well lets see . U dont wont to work for Twin  Security u call em and they got a 40 hours u can work / then u find out its 30 . That contract says 40 hours guards work and its a scam. That slime office is gettin 10 hours. And fucking the guards. No go to PGP either that fat uncle bill over there.  And dont go to staffmark to get a job they will mark the test scores rong for white folks.

O the guardis tonight wil freeze there ass off if they ant got enough clothes.  Those guard checkers think there high and mighty and there bull shitting.  It dont take no brains to check guards. Brains of a dead fish that is. Just find some thing else to do and dont put up whit that city twin no more.  Sittin there for so many hours doing nothing. Not learning how do nothing.

In that fin warehouse to be idal is not good got to sweep or some thing.  Well a few times thats what gofer did it was easy the hole find time.  When it was hot in that dam place go get some wateer and cool off. Had to have breaks or get over heated then heart problems.

Kempwoods Retarted cat dumpster feeder
November 16, 2008, 12:55 pm
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Well they still dont give a sht if that fatass moron retarted mex feeds dumster cats.  Who ever gives that that retarted that chair in the out side shod be tole do stop it or get evicted.  Yes thats what gorpeer would do to apt 114 u know where its att 9540 kempwood.  First they got a smelly trud dog over there its was white.  Now they got a big chiar for the dumster cats to get in.  Goolie has been in that stinking place once it stinks to hell like rotten eggs.

Thats enouth space news for now. O im so proud i take a bath in that ditch behind 9540 cause im a mexcan and now there is hords of wet backs .