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ramus security company that is
November 12, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Yea no wonder that moron wont say how far it is.  GOfer found out. They will pretend goitnto use the tank. Where there is lots of nails there. probalcy got to sleep in the dthing after 7 its to fukno far to fight that traffic. If they dont like it i goter dont care.

kempwood hell gofer
November 12, 2008, 2:56 pm
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All the bull shit i goter put up with.  Hard to sleep 2 fin days. O yes monday be dragging have to have least 3 hors rest.   SOme one is damed if they dont damed if they do. Its a dames catch22.  Now they got to get these fin things and in the tank.  May need a motel to rest in .

If they dont do that they will loose . Ill ask this god girl just about is go to church wed and sunday o well.   Im just a slave to weak wafers. Not really.

Need some beer from el store and cokes and bread.  The democrats will furnish me with a billion as bail out funds so i can breath.

It will be well ,,, when that fat lady i guess puts the tube stake in her and sucks it.  From balu, tx.  All that cum  forte has.

These are some thoughts i fred clampit have no is it jaws .

kempwood news at 3 am
November 12, 2008, 2:08 am
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Wake up and read this.  City twin sec at richmond is loosing contracts no one wants to work there.  There is no reg schedule.  Bill Burns uncle fat at pgp is having lots of problemos.  That millinare.

It was lighting and raixing hell rain a few hours ago. GOfer had this strange dream.  THere was this movie theater it had a dull yellow lite on it.  I was n some kinda of a class and suppose to finish a test or some thing and never did.  Who the fuuck want to work at city twin when u work on a non reg sched  and gant pay the piper.  Go some where else then.

masterbaiting is no good. kant feel when rel sex is due. so stop self love. pulling the mule. jacking off.