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THe kempwood security guard 9549 finger
November 7, 2008, 10:08 pm
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agaur  Hello obama lovers. U know when i see barock obama i faint and cry out in joy . All the water in lake travis came from my tears at the site of OUR GOD OBAMA.  I dont want to work real hard just 10 hours a week and the demos will give me money.

Really there is this  this this kinda fat mexican lady that put her finger in my but at the statue of liberty. Really. It felt grose and hurt. But who knows i saw space rats at the dumpster a min ago.

How about those guards that supposed ly are between the dumpsters.  I just bet none are. They quit like magits on dead corpse. THats right.  Hey now where is that fat lady that i put my dong in . She  can be here for 2 hours so i can gibe the tool some exercise.

dog sex with mex kempwood
November 7, 2008, 3:44 pm
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gole1Well ist time for the guards at city tiwn to go to west road and hwy 290.

Cause i said so. I bet they enjoy staying between 2 dumpsters. O its right behind Krogers.  They have dumpsters in the back and this morinic lite ploe that supposedly there is copper there .  Those guard checkers see if u are betewen the dumsters.  Well i ate some thing and im awake.  Any way the dumpsers horbor any kind of disease,rotten food,gaint roaches,magits are there.

O this drawing is o this mex slut that does these mexicans. I dont know where she live in this hobel area.