Texas Moon

Near the hiway
November 6, 2008, 10:49 am
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Its really fun when the gps signal is messed up. Blame it on global warming thats right. Trying to get to this place well i guess its close to lake houston.

Finally u go to arbies and get some thing to eat and try to fix that gps deal.  Then u find that place.  There is a young fellor looked like fom the marines or some thing fillin out a app.

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Thats too bad land shark got or they tryed to get rid of him. He was doing such a excellent job of observing and patroling. Sit and sink. Taking a p when needed to. Well they sure wont get flat tires from nails.
That dam muxcan did not like me picking up nails so i goter would not get a flat tire.

Comment by hico67

Even if terry guard black got a raze i know how it was done. Some thing called in the pants,in and out.

Comment by hico67

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