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statue of liberty bend over on kemp street
October 28, 2008, 4:18 pm
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There is this spanish lady that  keeps on looking in the window . Thats right.  They must like the big dong they see. Yea i talk to her and she likes roaches crawling between her legs. Even those insects have ever kind of disease .  Thes roaches come from the hole in the side of the floor.

Catfchis likes to take movies of the spanish lady and the roaches. Oncce i saw this giant male roach have sex with this lady . It was power hour at this club on rankin road.

But the best thing is getting on stage with a cow. Such a fun time. Better than that is german shepard time. O there is this lady from Hondourus with big tits and brown hair. Get her drunk and on stage with the dog. THat dog get so horny. AND shoots 10 gallons of cum in the lady.

No i made all this up for the preverts in the crowd. So please go to the folies side walk at 3am down town . bring some snakes, weird birds,one eyed man bring all  the horny female terrist and have  sex  with alagators,sord fish,magits,cats from a dumptser.

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