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kempwood catfish knows of
October 23, 2008, 6:21 pm
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 Hello al readers of garbarge. Hells bells thre is this place called 5 star events. There add in the net is rong.  They say its 12 each day to work and dont say its pt. Any way who whats to work at minate maid in the first place pt. I think 5 star is part of the houston sports deal who ever built that place .  O they  want to see the events in there for free.

bout that hawt post
October 23, 2008, 6:10 pm
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Some one in the fifth ward in houston put that crap on here.  They probably got in one of those barc trucks. Yea one on those dog catchers. Yea i know that dam place.  O there is he men over there on evela street. U go sit in that lobby like a dum ass and have the moronse sign in and thos shitty animals bring u fleas and that fucking noise dirve u insane.     Then u go to want by the curve for that funk in bus.  Its risky out there them freaks hidding and tryin to get at u.  Then down town u got to wait on bus 20  . Thats right down town houston late at nite. Its a long dive on that fufkin bus that goes west on long point.  Then this fellor that works or did at the city as a caller in ar has to get some bush beer. Now at blalock and long point  u got to walk 2.5 miles to the cave.

It was a sucky thing.