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Lies and more lies
October 17, 2008, 7:02 pm
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There is a lady that says some one got kicked at a Mcain Rally. Thats the biggest lie. Just look at her picture u can tell she is up to  some thing. That stupid smurk on her mornonic face.  Yall Obama lovers just wont quit. I tell u what lets get the goon police from OBAMAs clones and get rid of George Bush . Him in prision right now. And install OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA.  O yea hes the chosen one all right chosen to be the first racist marxist president of the USA.

O yea the media they want him so bad to be President no madder if hes a marxist . I know there is a lady going accross the USA for Mcain. I told them my self im not for him or obama.

U know what will happen when OUR HOLY GOD OBMAMA goes to the White House ? Anti white laws. gov control of the media,no right to bear arms,suck up to the russians,if u make too much money u got to share it with ever one.

How many times do i have to say this WAKE UP AMERICA !

The world as gofer ghost knows it
October 17, 2008, 4:11 pm
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 Hello all those that want to  work at musrtand security and how about walking the malls like a jack ass in that clone suite. Both of those take real IQ o yea they do.  Just read there mind games on there sites on here.  They dont want u to think at all just be a stooge a bozo.

O they pretend to have beinfits. Yea the owner does.

Yea i found this kempwood sign on the puter. It says a hole lot. NOw what jack ass whats to work out sode a julrey store on washington  from 9 p to 5a. The creatures see tha u are there and just come by one may be a hook. Or a weird o. And then some one dives up and says they need a dollar.

Yea there is some that quit there and then capt bozo wanted some one else real fast to cover that post. When they say that and some one else that had  interview leaves kinda fast . U know som ething is up.

Any way hello gessner ! how is it this evening.  Just let gofet to to brook shire and go to the road side park.

No what is better go to one of these o that club on  290. O its on hwy 6. Called the silk stocking.

Dont know if there is minimovies on that hwy 6 or not.

Ghost lite
October 17, 2008, 9:56 am
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 Well i been there before. Its near old rr tracks close to brag road. Go find out abuot it by looking up Saratoga,Texas.

Bring a spot light if u go over there. There is woods out there and its pitch black out side. BETTER shine that light in the woods and at that train signal that no one is at.

relax here near the colorado and the gulf
October 17, 2008, 9:33 am
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Just think going there with a chair and sittin watching the surf come in. wow man get the stress out away. GO there like 3 or 4 in the morning . YES thats early take a cold shower and drink some home made coffiee.

I dont know if that road that goes to the beach is or u can drive on it.

Yahoo is a Obama racist marxist lover
October 17, 2008, 5:59 am
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Who gave yaho the idea that no one likes conservitive ideas.  There ok but OUR GREAT GOD OBAMA IS hidding in sheep skin. Obama says if u make to much money u have to share it. Thats a communist idea. There there is this sucking up to the Russians and the support fot hummas and the anti – white laws ,no guns,no free speech. U think im bull shitting ? Dont u remember what OBAMA told the Geramans ?  O Barack OBAMA is for hope and change the chosen one .

And  ABC says Barack Obama should be president right now.  U know all hate George Bush cause  the democrats say so . There full of shit . I dont like him and hes not running for President again.

I know u got your bone head of a brain to vote for OUR GREAT GOD OBAMA our first MARXIST president.  AMERICANS  BE prepaird to take back our country the home of the free and the brave.  GOD BLESS AMERICA