Texas Moon

October 10, 2008, 9:20 pm
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wait to take a evil bath

wait to take a evil bath

 Well look, Some took the kids to eat at taco bell in Livingstone tonight. Least thats what i got out of listening to them talk on here and there. Befort that some indian lady wanted to sid with me on a couch and take off the glasses and talk could probaly  be more.  Any way i found out one drink does her in,. When 3 or 3 beers is good and relaxing. Hells bells i dont want to go there and catch that bug and start though up my guts.

Hells bells i know what time it is.

this waiting alaska and your spin democrat
October 10, 2008, 6:03 pm
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the leach

the leach

Catfish hopes that man in the rest home likes that fat spider. She is just a leach.  Any way i righty can hear the mexicans out side saying i dont know what. wHO CARES any way.  Yes that picture is especally made for that fat lady in nadigodces.  She dont now how to give the el head the right waym

Wel any way u can join this sex cult the next time it knocks on that door. Ill let her in, but those dogs and worship strange things .mljljm .  O i have seen on the tube there out in a field these people just all naked standing with sticks or candles.

There really needs to be a cave under here so that half man bull can gorge ist self on virgins.  But really there is a bull yes. These mexicans drag these good looking girls at swhs in 1972. HERE. Then the chief decides who can be prepared for the beast. They push em to the cave entrance and in the net they fall to the floor.  The bull with horns gores then and eats em all except the chiefs wife. The chies wife gets lost in the maze and the wind from the rushing beast sends all her close off  and her body is seen by the bull. I finish later

the spider web
October 10, 2008, 5:11 pm
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Those morons in Nagidocges thing im that stupid. Some fatlady with kinda big tits trying to ask me about there relative called sharon. 

U all can just leave me alone. GOd she is ugly with her clothes off, just pline fat. I got where i could not stand treaded lovy and doby with that fat disabled lady.

First snoring in bed. Second some thing is small to much.3rd i can not support some one that wants to be a leach. She can find some old kogger in a nursing home with a half brain.

Thats all i got to say abut that spider web

Headless creppy bogman on hwy 290
October 10, 2008, 2:20 pm
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1972tooth ake

1972tooth ake

Hello out there on hwy 290.  I found this picture of me when i was frozen for 50 years. Thats right . Im awake now but some thing is rong. Catfish looks deformed.

Hey lady from Nagidoches u can take a hot shower and dry offf . Then peter needs to get wet  for a hour then u pog lady leave.

Well u cant beat that sittin and doing noting but drinking coffiee and eating donuts. Gettin more age as time goes by. Dam i did not know of for got fish cat has to relearn to stay wake.

Houston in 1836
October 10, 2008, 5:24 am
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buffalo bayou

buffalo bayou

Hello i made this picture in 1836. Cant u tell ? I was fixing to take a bath in the buffalo bayou. Since there is no power no where. Its nice to take a bath in that  stinking stream. U dont know whats in it.  Could be a water moxcan or alagator.  They put dead things in that water . In fact khou was there in 1836 when the allen brothers brought mexicans to make the bayou deeper.

On channel 3855 they show dead cats human waste products in piles of garbarge on street corners. When u wait on bus in 1836 they got chairs on top of garbarge for u to sit in. There is flyies and magits crawling on u though. But its ok to smell like rotten eggs.

The stores are all close down and there is no food no where to be found. Really there is food but its in garbarge.

Its a nice town these days cause there is rotting corpses every where in gargbarge. City gov dont exist no more.

THis is all made up by gray crawfish. They got better things to do

ship channel sea monsters
October 10, 2008, 4:13 am
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meet jaws

meet jaws

 Well dont go fishing there or have a party. U can if u want to . That hurrican ivan made this giant sea monster get in the ship channel.  NO one knows about it except the tree huggers that live or did live on galveston.  Dont get me rong this is all made up.  There is no sea monster in the ship channel.  Thats just for folks not to go to Glaveston again.  The last time old catfish went there the beach sand was dark brown .  Look like it had human waste products in it.

What is that BBC in ENGLAND telling about the stock market these days . Its good to have the gas prices go down inspite of the stock market.

Hummas the devil
October 10, 2008, 3:53 am
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Vote for the roach
Vote for the roach

I guess u like them, There so clean to eat. Cause im in this empty aptmartment there building at 9922 west montgomery road thats right. Can u believe that lazy asss security guard never saw me.

O yea i saw him though. Sittin in his truck sleeping with the light on.
Who cares any way , In front they got the fence gate stuck in the sand its near the pool.
That stupid ass guard always parks in the back, supposedly watching the buildings. Well they make 7 a hour just to sit and make the retarted report.
Pluto made all this up. That roach in the picture made me.
Well in fact dont go to heb grocery and apply if u are white. O they will say go to the group interview and have u waste 2 hours. But if u are mexcan or colored u can work . Who cares. And then there is this dum ass in the white house called George Bush he wants the gov to own all the banks in the USA so the foreign trade will im prove.