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October 9, 2008, 10:14 pm
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nice place to be

nice place to be

Well hello ever one. Its nice to find out heb just hires minorities. AND get away with it. never mine . The eyes are gettin tired.  Well just imagine heb put the right sign up at the place where they are building there store just spanish  and non  whites allowed to work here. Even whit out that they can still elimanite the mass that has there groupo  interview.

The deal is if u got a feeling of not right job in the first place dont do it. Its like a circle trying to fit in a square. U know working in a chemical warehouse is a lot different than a grocery store. At a chem  ware house u work with machines . Not selling food or crap like that. O got to befriendly all the time acts of kindness and all that garbarge. Rather produce results than sell crap. O get in a group and sell discount food.

That takes a special kind of moron to do that. Grupy knows how to package chem products o yea, those steel toes shoes and safety glasses.  U dont see no stocker cleaning out side of chemical tanks at a grocery store.

Let me finist what i was began. Well ill do it later catghist says.

Who is this mud flaps
October 9, 2008, 6:18 pm
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Hells bells now i got to be against them to.  There is this group called the Texas INDEPENDENT movement in Austin. I used to send Linda what im doing agianst the Trans Texas Corridor . I spent hours and hours on that,

Now they support OUR HOLY GOD BARACK OBAMA for President. There is no way in hell im support ing them,\

YES some times i listen to Mike Savage its interesting to hear him rant and get up set.  Sara Paylain is a improvment . I dont know about John  Mcain.

U can say what u will about  Obama . To the young kiddies o the chosen one there hero.  They dont remember what he said to the Germans.

Is mud flabs one of these tree huggers or global warmer groupies. O i get it he thinks the sky is falling.

I know the next thing  they will send me will say u are a hatter, a racist, a red neck. Doing the spin on OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA . Well ist like this do u know when Obama gets to the white house, ever mosulm in the world wil be so happy. There will be changes all right anti white laws, rake away ever ones guns, homosex marrige enforced,support for terrist, sucking up to russia. Thats all i got to say for now.

October 9, 2008, 5:57 pm
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Some one must love OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA. Its bad enough to have stupid ass George Bush and the clone to say they want to own all the banks.  But i love Barack Obama 0 so much, I went to where he was preaching socialist marxism and fainted at the site of our master.

O please mr six-pack and i the hatter the red neck o please i want the chosen one right now to send his clones to arrest George Bush and put him in prison , THERE is no need for elections no more.

U know who is saying all this racist crap these days its the chosen one OUR HOLY  GOD OBAMA.  And that BILL Oriley is sucking up to Obama.

i dont know ?
October 9, 2008, 12:45 pm
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