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warped houston ghost
October 7, 2008, 3:51 am
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Hello out there. Well i see that ALLied Barton is having a hard time fillin sec post at malls. There all over the place. WHo wants to be bozo the clown. Thats what thoes that are dressed up for ab walking the malls are. U know how boring that is. O then they watch u walk. If u go slow are any thing they consider bad u are gone, u are more or less there clone.

What next – The traffic – right now its bad school bus and too many in a hurry,. In a hor or so it will be better. 

When some flat chest lady bothers u first its to play then they talk to u. But come to find out there doin the wild thing with a neibor up stares. Just ignor them. Even if that flat ches spainsh lady wants to talk dont say a thing just ignor. 

What else u know gettin up at 2 am and go p then get on the machine to find some thing well it can be rough. Then brush teeth and go back to sleep.