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to socialism we go
October 3, 2008, 6:02 pm
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Hello ever one that includes Austin,Waco,San Marcos,Dallas,Galveston,Hico,Marlin,Houston,Drift wood,College Station.  Come on now vote for the chosen one OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA.

There is a lady that has her face on here . O she must love Obama HOPE FOR CHANGE. Why not right this min. get G Bush and put him in prision ? Dont y’all hate him he sole the election. Please us democrats install the chosen one right now. Cause OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA is for hope for change.

Why have a stupid election any way ?

I say this to that logic bull crap on that idea.  I cant stand OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA . He voted with all the rest of the morons to make 700 billion more dollars. U will see when OBAMA goes to the white house door . U think thes days are bad just wait.  Obama and Karl MARX .

things on here
October 3, 2008, 12:16 pm
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the truth

the truth

Hello out there in cyber space. What do u want me to put on here ? I know what time it is. O i could put aout that so called debait last nite, the astrodome, cults on kempwood,snow jobs,lazy ass security guards,warehouse jobs, exercise,Richard Nixon,ww 2,jaws the movie,mexicans,alabama,hurricans,streakers,

the brain washing
October 3, 2008, 12:06 pm
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There is a face of a lady on a blog. It says the confluence on there,.Looks like ever time she sees OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA she faints.  What kind of bs is that. I read her head lines and looks like she is a space caddett hugging trees or some thing,.

Alll rite then i did not care to watch that debait to long. I hope OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA wins for the sake of hope there is change.  There will be change all right – the right to bear arms,free speech, will all be gone. There is going to be anti white laws.  U heard about that viedo of those kids singign to OBAMA ?  Thats like singing to HITLER. The gov will control every thing. Thats what ever one wants cause there not smart enough to know any better.

That lady will come back and say u are insulting the demogcratic party and OBAMA u racist REDNECK hick.  Thats there mantra they cant think any more better than that.   I dont like OBAMA OR Mcain.

THe SPRING Woods HIGH School reunion
October 3, 2008, 5:36 am
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Yes its been 35 years or so since gofer went to that place on hammerly and gessner. They dont have that there no more cause its intergrated, its a discrased deal now.  Use to no one daird to cross clay road going south .

O then back then there was the thunderbird dirve in which one of Vince Price realaives owned. They use to show close to x rated movies there.

party with dinosaurs
October 3, 2008, 5:26 am
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Yes go to heb and get me a six pack of miller high life and some pizza. Before that i got to ride a dinosaur. They still live near the paluxy river. In fact since i read the bible a million times a day man tracks are real in the river can u believe i put em there 110 million years ago. I tryed to ride a brotonsaurs but they would not let me.. So fell in the mud and made the man tracks

God said let man live with dino saurs and they did. U know its still 110 million years ago it sure is. First the cat nap then the pizza and beer make it miller. I know the dinosaurs drink that kinda of beer cause its kinda strong. I party with the dinosaurs all the time near Glen Rose, get me a beer.

fossils come alive

fossils come alive

Glen Rose,Texas
October 3, 2008, 5:21 am
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So u think fossils are just in text books thats rong rong rong. U see that picture. Its the real thing . Some where near Glen Rose, Texas i found it. I know the suo sayers may say there is no such of a thing as fossils , every thing is in the bible. Ok then the earth is flat and men did not land on the moon.

On a site about Glen Rose there is a fake foot print. Some moron made out of concret an line stone. They colored it brown so it would look old. Its that old koger that owns that store in down town thats trying to change history.

I can find out what kind of fossil that is, how old, where it lived. Yes later ill put that on here. For people that are interested in fossils. To some its a dry subject not to me it is not.

October 3, 2008, 5:18 am
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The turnderbird drive in – well it was at clay road and campbell road. They use to show rated movies there. It really did exist. When there was still sand hills near spring valley . U could watch the movies for free but no sound using field galsses.