Texas Moon

Idont know.
October 2, 2008, 8:19 pm
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vote no

vote no

I tell u what . Im against that foolish fear game there playing in DC. the sky is falling gloom doom. No pass that deal the PRES. and the rest want .  Did i get a chance to vote on it hell on . Call your congress people and tell them no on that bail out.

Thats just too bad
October 2, 2008, 3:37 am
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Wel if u dont like what i say about OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA, thats too bad,. U know i got free speech. ILL say want is the true OBAMA.  True i dont like George Bush . I thought i did in the past. But that stinking war.

U take all thost troops out of Iraq fast and tell the world and then there will be a price to pay. I dont like John Mcain either.  Do u want to vote for OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA hope for change ? U know he is hidding in sheep skin. Why not install Obama right this min. and put George Bush in prision. I know yall hate him.  O are yall still counting votes ? Get over it.

Just wait till OBAMA goes to the white house door there will he anti white laws, the gov will own every thing, u cant own a gun no more, got to suck up to the russians. Yes Karl Marx is nice.    

What u goin to do about some one that is against OBAMA send the goon squads after me ?

October 2, 2008, 3:06 am
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bad dreams

bad dreams

Monday, August 11, 2008 Well i tryed to stay awake all day . Its tough with no sleep for 7 hours at night then awake in the day time. Catnaps really help. This job sucks big time. That moron sneeks around see if u are sleeping and yells trying to scare u . He is a cop like im selling the moon.



And that other morin that says he is n realestate is lieing or he would hav fix that brakes a long time ago.

Staying near the gate when its closed what a dum ass to do that . That means there scared or some thing to be in the dark. Who cares. The hold thing is a joke they will say any thing to keep that account. Just not stay in front sit in the middle or some where.

My friends the Democrats
October 2, 2008, 2:57 am
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Y’all better wake up ! O yes so there is the Olimpic Games and the puny Russan Bear. Guess what – Dont let the democrats in stall that Obama he is a racist and wants to say peace in our time with  Russia, and wants gov take over of free speech, to kill babies.

What eles ? Obama is hidding in sheep skin. He tryes to be in the center of ideas. O yea all the news media thinks there is no election and Obama is the chosen one.  U think things are bad now just wait ! 

DId u hear what Obama said to the Germans ? U know George Bush is stalling on those missils in Poland till he gets out of office . Obama supports terrist and will let Russia take over Europe lets say { Peace in our time} . Just like Novel Cahamberlan from England did in the 1930 “s  .

I hope Russia dont decide to suppply the mexicans for a way to take Texas. U know our military can ablity to abliterate Russia .  May the type Commanders in the Nav adjusted there ideas and hate the Ruskies now. !  

Vote for some one else I dont care if its Mcain or not. Dont vote for OBAMA !  There is the liberiterian  and the independant party of Texas.

I may sound like a Texas RedNeck  or a hick i dont care what u call me, call me a hater if i dont like Obama. Im trying to save our Country from being communist.

Yea ther is others like me on here . That man in ARK, those in college station .  Just like the Trans Texas Corridor wich will be elimated. Obama will be stoped !      

Problems in H town
October 2, 2008, 2:53 am
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 found out u put some thing on there that is ripping OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA and they deleat it. What kind of bull crap it that ? 

U can even say u dont like the USA when u are living in it,like Hippy says.  Well just go to COMChina and say that u dont like the communist. See what happens then

Who cares i dont like Mcain or HOLY GOD OBAMA, ill just vote for RICHARD NIXON.

U know tricky dick Nixon that greatest President of the USA for the watergate special.

Austin nites with Karl Marx
October 2, 2008, 2:49 am
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Sara Paluns, OUR GREAT HOLY GOD HUSANE OBAMA , John Mcain i dont care what goes on. We need a chrismatic leader like  OUR GREAT HOLY GOD HUSANE OBAMA  to have hope and change. Do u remember how Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba ? Its going to be the same way in the United States.

I dont giva a rats ass. I know its going to happen. Just get rid of all those that support or have the hated George Bush. Lets have change any kind the chosen one wont really say ~ Who cares any way . 

Yes im ventin my rath now ! I dont want no gov to control me. Im tired of being down trodden i want = share of the wealth. U promised me lord king OBAMA i could get a free education and 1000 dollars rebate check and free medical. But wait im just in a dream world like u want ever one to be. I just bet when the country wakes up  we want our country back. AND u OBAMA will try to get all guns and no free speech. Just keep on ripping Sara Palun on and on it will back fire.

This is going to be like being against the Trans Texas Corridor im not ever going to stop ! U hear me democrats that love PRETTY BOY OBAMA.  Obama is hidding in sheep skin ! 

Where is your VIVA i want to know they was on multiply ? I guess they dont want to know the truth. Is the sky falling ?   Some one said its interesting to read what catfish says . Im not no radio show host like Glen Beck or Mike Savage.

gray catfish comments
October 2, 2008, 2:45 am
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For one Mcain stalled out on the debates to trick some one and for votes. Not really trick but its just a mine game.

Another deal is there is plenty of work if u are lacking a job in h town, but its low pay.  O there is whse work and security plus galveston clean up. Rite now there is a over flow of people cleaning up galveston.  O these security companies – did u notice there saying the same thing over and over again in there adds. Some where is says how much they charge. Well its from 25 dollars a hour and up Dont tell me there not making a killing from the poor sap suckers that work for em.

O there is the warehouse work i have done that . O those temp places dont want me cause they want some one with recent experience. What do u think i have ? Well i tell u – i used to go to that chem whse near west fair and bust my ass.  U walk in and there is the shipping sups desk with a computer . There is rows of supplies that are for printing companies. Out in the shipping depart ment they  bring the pallets that are ready and put em on the shelfs.

The first thing is look at the job board and see what is goin on. Its either swep floor or use the bailer to crush boxs. Then may be get the box and tape gun and lables cans or bottles and start in. What u do is find a table and make box put lables on them. Then put lables on cans or bottles. Put em in the boxs

If u use a machine like tank 53 besure its turned off when u leave. Climb the ladder and open the lid to the tank and look in to see whats in there if empty cut it off.